We know that you are eagerly waiting for the return of blockchainization and we’re working hard on its new, enhanced version. We want to improve and simplify your experience by implementing the “First Oasis”. 

The first phase of the implementation of the blockchainization processes, including the transfer of an in-game card to First Oasis, was completed successfully. In order to be sure that everything works as expected we decided to stay in a test period longer than initially planned and so we chose to postpone the blockchanization reactivation a bit. Your favorite SoG feature should be back by the end of this summer. 

To celebrate the return of blockchainization, and to thank you for your patience, we will have a blockchanization gift for you!

“First Oasis”

In comparison to the “old” version of blockchainization, there will be several changes. The principal innovation consists in the usage of the First Oasis (FO). First Oasis is a code name for Klaytn-based custodian wallet solution, allowing to make a bridge between different blockchains, and between the game and your own wallet. When you blockchainize a card, it will first be transferred to First Oasis and then in your wallet on the blockchain of your choice.

Advantages of First Oasis

  • Spells of Genesis cards on multiple chains
  • Transfer of the card from the game to First Oasis: transaction fees paid by EDS
  • Transfer from FO to Ethereum or Counterparty (BTC): transaction fees payable in BitCrystals
  • Fast token delivery
  • Choose the chain you want your blockchain card to be delivered 
  • Possibility to integrate other blockchains
  • Solid basis for inter-blockchain token swaps 

We are as excited as you are about the new possibilities First Oasis is going to open to Spells of Genesis, but also to other games and blockchain projects!

We will keep you posted about the progress, so don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Discord and Telegram.