What are the in-game currencies?

There are three different in-game currencies: gold, crystals and gems.

What is "gold" for and how can I get it?

Gold is one of the in-game currencies. You can use gold to buy new in-game cards.

You can receive gold:

  • for having successfully completed a level
  • for having completed a quest or an achievement
  • by winning a Raid
  • by playing the Challenge mode
  • by being  among the top 100 players at the end of a month (monthly leaderboard).
What are the achievements?

Into your profile menu (click on your username at the top left), you will find several achievements to complete.

They will offer you great rewards!

How many daily quests can I get? What are they for?

You will receive each day 1 new daily quest.

If you didn’t do the previous one, you will keep it, you can store 3 quests maximum. One important point, you can’t choose to delete one quest to get a new one.

The daily quests will give you lot of gold!

What can I use "crystals" for and how to get them?

Crystals are an in-game currency. They are created by crystallizing cards.

They can be used to upgrade or fuse your cards, or to “blockchainize” one card a month.

What is "crystallization"?

You can resell the in-game cards you don’t want to keep for crystals. This process is called “crystallization”.

ATTENTION: The proces sof crystallization is irreversible, the crystallized cards are destroyed!

To crystallize some cards, go to the team screen and tap the “crystallize” button, then select the cards you want to crystallize and press “collect”.

What are "gems" for and how to get them?

Gems are another in-game currency, you can purchase them in the Shop.

Gems can be used to refill your stamina or to purchase cards with a guarantee of a higher card rarity than when purchasing cards for gold.

What are the numbers on my enemies for?

There is 2 numbers on the ennemies :

– The attack power (only attack, not the spell’s damages)

– The cooldown which will decrease by one on each turn. When it reaches zero, the enemy will attack!

Tip: Try to kill or freeze the enemies with the lowest countdown first!

Do I know the health of my enemies?

You will see a bar all around the ennemy image (which could be red, orange, green) – This is the number of his life’s points.

Why are my shots so slow?

The speed of your alive team is the sum of the speed numbers of all your 4 characters (cards). The speed of each character varies from 0 to 3, the maximum speed of the team is 6.
If one of your characters dies during a fight, the speed of your team will decrease with the speed value of the dead card.

What are the small icons on the battlefield? Should I avoid them or try to hit them?

Some of your cards have a specific power – “spell”.

When it’s their first turn, their spell appears randomly on the level map, so you can see small fire, target, shield, heal or poison icons popping up. 

To activate the spell, you need to hit its icon with any of your shots during the same wave of the game round. Icons will disappear when the next wave will start and new ones will appear when it’s the next turn of your card with a spell. 

Warning: your enemies can cast spells too!


Moreover, you can randomly find a gold icon. As soon as you shoot it, you will receive a small amount of gold.

When are my cards' spells casted?

Once per wave, the spell of the active card will appear somewhere on the battlefield. If you manage to hit the spell with a shot, it will be triggered.

What are boosts in Spells of Genesis?

In Spells of Genesis a boost is an additional power given to your opponents orbs. In early versions of the game, the power of an enemy was signaled by the size of its orbs. But to avoid increasing the size of the enemies’ orbs and cluttering the battlefield, we’ve introduced boosts to indicate that you’re facing “supercharged” opponents.

Your cards also get a bonus we call “element rules”. It is indicated at the campaign screen (for example water +3 attack). These rules only affect your own cards.

What is the difference between a boost and a handicap?

There is no difference between the two, it’s just a question of perspective. Your enemy’s boost is your handicap and vice versa. Your cards are thus a bit more susceptible  to get bigger damages from your opponents’ attacks when those get a boost. In the same way, your opponents’ orbs will get bigger damages from your attacks when you get a bonus.

When are boosts activated ?

Boosts are only activated from the fourth star of each campaign. The table below details the boosts increase per star.

Bonuses Strategy

The more you progress in the game, the more you may want to take advantage of the campaign bonuses against stronger opponents. Make sure you place the right cards/Element in your team to optimize your chances of winning a level or a campaign. This is especially true for those who can play the monthly campaigns where you have to get the right deck and strategy.

What is the raid mode?

The Raid (a.k.a. PvP) mode, is asynchronous PvP (Player versus Player mode).
Matchmaking : Players should be matched with players of their own rank, or one rank above or below.

Boosts in Raid mode

In Raid, your opponents get several kinds of boosts but some of your cards will also benefit from an increase in Health or Attack.

How to enter the monthly leaderboard?

In Spells of Genesis, all players are added automatically to the monthly leaderboards. The rank depends on the amount of gold collected by completing campaigns and raids during the month

– More information about the game

What is the monthly leaderboard real timing?

Duration : 1st day of the month 0:01am CET to the last day of the month 11:59pm CET

How to see my position in the current leaderboard?

On your mobile game, click on the hamburger menu at the top right to find the leaderboard button. The game will open the current leaderboard on your position page.

What are the Monthly leaderboard rewards?

1 – 25 : 1 COUNTERPARTY (XCP) BLOCKCHAIN CARD (legendary, epic or rare) will be offered to the first 25 players (Warning: you need to have an XCP blockchain wallet linked to your game account)



1 – 1000 : GOLD will be automatically credited to the first 1000 players!

How to know which blockchain cards are available for the monthy leaderboard?

Blockchain Cards rewards will be revealed every previous month on our twitter page – Do not forget to follow us!

Why I still do not receive my card?

Cards (blockchain or in-game) are manually sent by the team, later on the second week of the month.
To be able to receive your blockchain card (rank 1 to 25), you need to have a digital wallet (compatible Counterparty) linked to your Spells of Genesis account – else, please contact here us later in the 15 next days, else your card won’t be anymore available.


What do the different symbols and numbers on each card mean?

Each card contains certain information about their action, strength, speed, element, etc.


2. SPEED: The speed of a card is indicated in the green “winged” icon on the top-right of a card. The bigger the speed, the quickest the spells are dealt on your enemies.

3. ELEMENT: There are six Elements in the game: EARTH – FIRE – WATER – LIGHT – DARKNESS – ICE.

4. ATTACK: Attack of a card indicates the strength of its attack, and indirectly the damage it can deal to your enemy. The strength is expressed in number points.

5. HEALTH: Health, expressed in number of points, indicates the strength of the card’s defense.  Your level of health is indicated by the number inscribed in the heart icon of your card.

6. SPELL & 7. SPELL EFFECT: Some cards have special abilities, called “spells”. The spell can vary according to the card’s element and may have a different strength.

For example the card above has a Flame spell. It deals 2 damages to the nearest enemy.

8. LEVEL AND RARITY: There are four cards Rarity: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

How does the card element influence the gameplay?

There are six Elements in the game: WATER – FIRE – LIGHT – EARTH – ICE – DARKNESS.

The spell of a card will vary according to its Element.

WATER: Heals the closest card.

FIRE: Sends a fireball on the closest enemy.

LIGHT: Empowers your closest card.

EARTH: Prevent and minimize damages dealt to your team by your enemies.

ICE: Slows down the closest enemy.

DARKNESS: Cards with “Darkness” Element may cast two different spells:

  • TARGET: Increases the dammage inflicted on your enemies.
  • POISON: Deals a damage to infected enemies on each turn.

Some cards are dealing spells to all (enemies or your cards, depending on the spell), otherwise only the closest character (your card or enemy) is affected. Pay attention to this detail.

What is the link between card rarity and its evolution?

There are four cards rarities: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

The rarity of a card is indicated by the shape and color of the icon below the card. Here are the rarity icons of the cards with the quantity of crystals you need to level them up:

A Level is a higher evolution of a card.

The number of evolutions of each card varies according to its rarity. Common cards have 3 evolutions, Rare have 4 evolutions, Epic have 5 evolutions, and Legendary have 6 evolutions.

How to upgrade and fuse my cards?


Each card has a certain number of levels. You can upgrade your cards – pass on a higher level – using crystals (one of the in-game currencies). Each upgrade has a certain cost in crystals.

On the team screen, double tap a card to open the evolution screen and tap on “Level up”.


If you have two identical cards, both upgraded to their highest level, you can fuse them to obtain a new, stronger card. This card is a dual-fused” card.

If you upgrade two identical dual-fused cards to their highest level, you can fuse them again, to get a “quad-fused” card. A quad-fused card can be upgraded again.


What is blockchain and why is it interesting for gaming?

Blockchain is a distributed ledger. It is used to guarantee a secure purchase or exchange of digital assets (i.e. SoG blockchain cards).
To learn more, download for free the “Beginner’s Guide to Blockchain in Games.

Are all the cards in Spells of Genesis blockchain cards?

No, there are two basic types of cards in SoG: blockchain cards and in-game (or off-chain) cards.

Off-chain cards are stored in the game database and can be purchased inside the game for in-game currencies – gold or gems. The in-game cards cannot be traded.

Under certain conditions, in-game cards can be “blockchainized” (for more information, see the question “What is ‘blockchainization’ and how does it work?” below).

Blockchain cards are stored outside the game database, on the blockchain. They are playable in the game, or traded outside the game.

Which blockchain does Spells of Genesis use?

Spells of Genesis is a multi-chain game, which means that it is compatible with more than one blockchain.

Currently the game supports Ethereum, Counterparty (based on Bitcoin blockchain) and Klaytn.

How to link my game account to my wallet(s)? (Counterparty and Ethereum)
To link your ETH or XCP wallet to your game account, you need first to get the app Casa Tookan
How to download and install it?
Once you have installed Casa Tookan, follow these steps to link your game account to your wallet:
Important notes:
1. Do not forget to write down your passphrase, else you won’t be able to retrieve it
2.Casa Tookan is compatible with any XCP or Metamask passphrase
3. If you connect an XCP passphrase, Casa Tookan will create for you an ETH address
4. If you connect an ETH passphrase, Casa Tookan will create for you an XCP address
5. You do not need to link your wallet to your game account every time you launch Spells of Genesis
If you need any help or have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us directly:
Where to buy blockchain cards?

Blockchain cards can be bought from our official store.

You can also buy and sell our blockchain cards on the secondary market.

How to find my blockchain cards in the game?

To find your blockchain cards in the game, you need to do the following:

  1. Download Spells of Genesis and create an account
  2. Set up a blockchain wallet, compatible with Ethereum and/or Counterparty. We recommend you to use Casa Tookan for mobile and/or Metamask for desktop.
  3. Bind your Ethereum and/or Counterparty address to your SoG game account.
  4. As soon as your wallet is bound to your SoG account, the blockchain cards stored in your wallet will appear in the game and will be playable. Enjoy!

For more details, visit our How to start page.

What is "blockchainization" and how does it work?

Blockchainization” is the process of withdrawing a card from the game database and moving it into your own blockchain wallet. In brief, you convert an in-game (off-chain) card into a blockchain asset.

Any of your fully levelled-up, quad-fused in-game cards can be transformed into a blockchain asset which is stored in your digital wallet (you have to bind your account to a blockchain wallet first) and thus becomes independent of the game database.

The in-game copy of the card is removed from your game account and replaced by a blockchain copy of the same card, sent to your wallet. Please note that the blockchainized card might take a day or so to appear in your deck as it requires the game to sync with the blockchain. The difference now is that you have the true ownership of that asset, which means that you can freely sell it on a decentralized marketplace.

Why my blockchainized cards do not appear into Casa Tookan's balance?

Casa Tookan is not linked to the Klaytn chain, so your card will not appear directly into the balance menu. You have to click on the browse menu and open OrbExplorer. Then you First Oasis wallet will appear into this page.

Do all the cards exist on all supported blockchains?

No, some cards exist on Counterparty only (the “historical” blockchain used by SoG since 2014), some were issued on both currently supported chains: Ethereum and Counterparty.

Inside the game, how can I recognize if my blockchain card in SoG is a Counterparty asset or an Ethereum asset?

You cannot recognize this inside the game and you even don’t need to. A Counterparty card and its equivalent on Ethereum enable both the same card in the game.

If you have two cards in-game (one linked to Counterparty and another one to Ethereum token), one levelled-up and the other not, when selling one token (no matter the chain) you’ll always keep the levelled-up card.

Will all the existing Counterparty cards also be released on Ethereum?

For the moment, only a few selected cards exisitng previously on Counterparty were also minted on Ethereum.

Will any new cards be minted on Ethereum?

Yes, there are some brand new cards (not released yet on any chain) that are being released on both Ethereum and Counterparty at the same time.

More information will follow when we are ready for the release, meanwhile, you can get the OG blockchain cards directly from our store at

Can I move my Counterparty cards to Ethereum?

At this moment, the Counterparty cards and the Ethereum ones are independent, although both enabling the same in-game asset.

A swap allowing you to move a card from one chain to another one will be enabled later.

Which currencies can be used to buy the blockchain cards?

All the SoG blockchain cards (Ethereum and Counterparty ones) can be purchased for ETH or BTC in our main store page.

Do not hesitate to visit our official store for more information.

Why did my card disappear after I blockchainized it?
When you blockchainize a card, it disappears from the game because it’s not an in-game asset anymore and you received a blockchain token (the card) to replace it. Then, the game has to read your wallet/the blockchain first in order to reflect the changes and show your new blockchain cards.
That’s why your card might disappear for a while and then is back. The process to show the card should not take more than 2 hours – if it’s your case, please let us know, it could mean there’s an issue in the process to import data from the blockchain.

Deposit / Withdraw

What means XCP?

XCP is the protocol used by Counterparty, a sub chain of Bitcoin, the first one used by Spells of Genesis

You can find more information here :

What means BCY?

BCY means Bitcrystals – more information here :

Bitcrystals is available on 3 blockchains:

– BCY (XCP) = Bitcrystals on Counterparty

– BCY (ETH) = Bitcrystals on Ethereum

– BCYM (BCY Klaytn) = Bitcrystals on Klaytn chain, compatible with the First Oasis wallet where the cards  blockchainized through Spells of Genesis are stored. The ones used to pay the withdraw of these cards on other chains


How do I buy BitCrystals (BCY or BCYETH)?
You can buy BCY directly on our store.
You can also use UniSwap, here’s a tutorial on how it works.
Here is the BCY contract you’ll need: 0xAdbBB02E20C44779e87F7eA90C47c9A7a8A93fee
What is the Withdrawal?

Withdrawal is the process to move your blockchainized cards from First Oasis. Once a card is blockchainized, it goes to your First Oasis address, you can then decide if you want to withdraw your card on Ethereum or Counterparty address.

Please do not forget that this tool is not a swap. You can’t use the withdraw to move your Counterparty card to the Ethereum chain for example. So choose carefully the chain where you want to receive your card.

Please note the price could change based on the blockchain fees.

More information are available here :


Do I need BCY or BCYETH based on the chain I choose to withdraw my card on?
It is not mandatory to pay the BCY from the chain you want to withdraw your card on.
For instance, it means that you can pay with BCY from Counterparty to be able to withdraw on the Ethereum chain and vice versa.
Where can I buy BitCrystals to pay the deposit?
You can buy BCY directly on our store.
You can also use UniSwap, here’s a tutorial on how it works.
Here is the BCY contract you’ll need for UniSwap: 0xAdbBB02E20C44779e87F7eA90C47c9A7a8A93fee
Can I withdraw on the wallet of my choice?

You can withdraw to the wallet eth or xcp (btc) linked to your first oasis address (the one you see in your orb explorer page when your search for your address).

I want to sell my Counterparty card on OpenSea

This is not related to our withdrawal feature.

If you would like to do that, you can create an Emblem Vault in order to place your XCP card on the ETH market.

If you have not found the answer to your question above, please feel free to contact us!