Blockchain Cards



Blockchain cards are digital assets based on Counterparty, a platform which allows the creation of custom tokens, running on the Bitcoin blockchain. The Bitcoin blockchain is a distributed ledger, allowing to store and transfer information as well as value in a transparent and secure way.


Blockchain cards can be easily identified within the game by the crystals decoration around it :



Blockchain cards can be played in Spells of Genesis, but they can also be exchanged or traded outside the game, using  The Book of Orbs.



How to get them ?



You can find the blockchain cards list on the BitCrystals Website.

Blockchain cards can be purchased from one of the Askian Merchants, or by “blockchainisation” of a Quad Fused off-chain card (after the final release of the game).

Merchants :

The Partner Merchant regularly offers different Public and Premium cards for BitCrystals.

All the Public and Premium cards are first available at the Partner Merchant, one month later they are then offered by the Premium Merchant or by the Public Merchant.

80% of the total supply of each Public card and 40% of the total supply of each Premium card will be available at the Partner Merchant.

Each card will be available for a week, or until the next card release, or until the end of the allocated stock (if this occurs first).


The Premium Merchant offers 40% of the total supply of the Premium cards.

Those are available one month after the card release on the Partner Merchant. Each card is on sale for a week, or until the next Premium card release. If there is any stock left, it may reappear later. Some Free Assets may appear on the Premium Merchant too.

EverdreamSoft (EDS) keeps 20% of the total supply of each card. For the cards produced in partnership with another project, EDS reserves the right to allocate a reasonable amount of the card supply (out of the 20% kept by EDS) to the partner project.


The Public Merchant offers Public blockchain cards for BitCrystals and distribute Free Assets, including free cards, for other Free Assets.

The Public cards are available a month after their release on the Partner Merchant, but the exact date of availability is not guaranteed - it may occur at any moment starting from one month after the card release.