Game Guide

Spells of Genesis (SoG) is a mobile game that is a mix of a trading card game (TCG), bringing in deck collection and strategy, along with arcade-style gaming aspects. The game is based on blockchain technology, which is also the main source of inspiration for the storyline.

How to Play ?


Collect cards and combine them to create the strongest deck to fight your enemies. Get new cards or trade them with other players.

The combination of easy, intuitive gameplay and deep strategy has already attracted numerous players. Will you dare brave Askian’s enemies with your team? Compose your deck, combining different characters and their spells (special skills they can cast) and defy your enemies.

Download the game for free and embark on an epic adventure!




Download Casa Tookan Wallet to manage, send and receive your blockchain game assets. Open the in-game menu and choose "blockchain wallet" to link your game account to your Casa tookan Wallet account. Then you can use your blockchain cards in the game!