In Spells of Genesis, we have a monthly leaderboard where all players are ranked based on the amount of gold collected by completing campaigns and raids during the month – < More information about the game >

Click < HERE > to view the rewards planned by month and the winner list when closed



GOLD will be automatically credited to the first 1000 players!
1 COUNTERPARTY (XCP)BLOCKCHAIN CARD (legendary, epic or rare) will be offered to the first 25 players 
Please remember : to receive your counterparty card, you need to have a digital wallet (compatible Counterparty) linked to your Spells of Genesis account. 
Cards will be revealed every previous month.
1 RANDOM IN GAME CARD (legendary or epic - Wood Version) will be offered to the next players 26 to 45

Please remember that Cards (blockchain or in-game) are manually sent by the team, later on the second week of the month.