Spells of Genesis (SoG) is the 1st blockchain-based mobile game ever made. SoG combines Trading Card Game (TCG) functionalities with the point-and-shoot aspects of arcade games. Players have to collect and combine cards to create the strongest deck in order to fight their enemies.

Collect, trade and combine orbs to build the strongest team and challenge various opponents while exploring the fantasy realm of Askian. Use blockchain collectibles you have in your wallet, or buy in-game cards and “blockchainize” them later.

Spells of Genesis is using many blockchain collectibles, but it also has a real and exciting gameplay! The principle is very simple and addictive, but as you will progress further you will need to deploy a cunning strategy to defeat all your enemies.

Are you up for the challenge?


card collecting

Collect cards and combine them to create the strongest deck to fight your enemies. Get new cards or trade them with other players.

Compose your deck, combining different characters and their spells (special skills they can cast) and defy your enemies.

unique gameplay

You play Spells of Genesis with a deck of four cards.

Choose the best combination of characters, their skills and spells, based on your opponent’s abilities, the environment and the level bonuses.

A clever choice of your cards is the key to the victory!


Blockchainization is the process of converting in-game cards into blockchain-based digital assets.

Fuse four cards together and level them up to unlock the “blockchanization”. Blockchainized cards can be withdrawn to your wallet.


daily quests & monthly leaderboard

Connect and play every day to complete various quests and win more gold.

Get to the top 40 players and get blockchain cards and in-game rewards!

in-app purchases

Buy different packs of in-game cards, and blockchainize them later.

You can also purchase Gems: an in-game currency that will allow you to get better and rarer cards or to boost your stamina and be able to play longer!

over 700 levels

You have to go through over 700 game levels divided into 30 campaigns, defying different enemies and completing quests.

Develop your strategy to progress and beat the Boss levels.


Play Raid – an asynchronous PvP mode – to win more gold!

You will be automatically matched with other players from the same PvP rank. Improve your PvP rank and win in-game cards!


challenge mode


Imagine you can play an infinite level!

In Spells of Genesis “Challenge” mode it is possible! In the Challenge mode, your goal will be to survive as long as possible and clear as many randomly generated waves as possible: Ready?




“Love this game! I’ve followed it from the earliest days of development and can’t wait to see where it goes in the future! Long live Satoshi!”

Procrastinistas, SoG player